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Performance Coaching and Professional Development

Performance Coaching is concerned with developing a person's skills and knowledge so that their performance in their job improves, leading to the achievement of organisational goals. During coaching you are enabling individuals to take personal responsibility for their own continuous personal development in a supportive and judgement free environment. Our coaching service tends to be used more with middle and senior managers.

Coaching is essentially a developmental tool tailored to the individuals personal learning preferences, values, beliefs, goals and current circumstances.   The role of the coach is to act as a sounding board to the individual being coached, helping them to focus on their developmental needs.  The coach helps the person establish what is preventing  them achieving their goals and through continuous assessment, practice, feedback and encouragement enables them to overcome these barriers. Integral to the process is reflection on learning and experience, and the ability to apply what has been learnt in future situations.

The expertise of a good coach is in asking the correct questions to compel the individual  to think through their options. The ultimate aim of coaching is to equip the individual with the knowledge, skills and abilities to help them to overcome future obstacles.   

The result is that the individual being coached understands themselves, their colleagues and the organisational dynamics better, allowing more effective and productive behaviour to occur. They have a greater ability to manage change, and learning is more likely to become a way of life. They may demonstrate improved performance and faster learning.

A typical coaching intervention may involve 6 x 1 hour planned and structured face to face sessions, followed by occasional support as and when needed. For very senior managers we may provide open support on a regular and ongoing basis.