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Crisis Intervention Support

Occasionally a people problem arises at work where an employer may not feel able, qualified, or be considered independent enough, to intervene objectively or effectively. This could include individual or team relationship breakdown, violent or aggressive behaviour,  sabotage or other disruptive behaviour. It is not possible to list all of the situations where our support could be of assistance, but we offer an emergency crisis intervention service where, as independent and qualified psychologists, we can appraise the situation, and if possible make recommendations or offer support.

The provision of this service is subject to the following additional terms:

  • This is a face to face service and its provision is contingent upon us having an associate  psychologist in your area.
  • Consultations/assessments are carried out in private.
  • Informed consent must be expressly given to us by the individual(s) before we carry out any consultations/assessments.
  • We will not engage in, nor continue with, any consultation if we consider the individual to be suffering distress as a consequence of it, has been coerced into taking part, or will not freely give their informed consent to the process.