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On Line Employee Development Reports

On Line Employee Development Reports are a way to help your employees identify their strengths and weaknesses quickly and efficiently. They are a quick and cost effective  way to help your employees develop their own understanding of themselves and take control of their own development. .

The report is based on an on line  in-depth on-line personality assessment and can be used either by the recipient alone, or in conjunction with a manager as a springboard to embark on their own personal development using the report's integral Development Plan. 

How Does It Work?

The 44 page Employee Development Report is really a two part assessment and development system.

After being issued with a password, the recipient completes an on-line personality questionnaire. On the basis of their results we will produce an individually tailored report. This allows them -

  • To obtain a highly focused personality profile and development report which helps them to identify their own strengths and weaknesses, and take control of their own development.
  • The Employee Development Report also includes a discussion of personality theory, and a comprehensive list of occupational competencies to which the user can refer when identifying areas of development.
  • The Employee Development Report also covers 12 major personality traits/behavioural competencies reported as being of most interest to employers -

1. Working with Others

Submissive, compliant - Assertive, dominant
Socially retiring, shy - Socially confident, outgoing
Trusting, accepting - Wary of others, suspicious
Private, discrete - Open, straightforward
Group oriented - Independent, self reliant

2. Managing Pressure

Emotionally calm, stable - Emotionally reactive, excitable
Low self esteem, self doubting - High self esteem, self confident

3. Preferred Work Environment

Cautious, careful, serious - Enthusiastic, spontaneous
Expedient, rebellious - Rule oriented, conforming
Inflexible, cautious of change - Adaptable, flexible, open to change

4. Thinking Style

Thick skinned, objective, logical - Sensitive, subjective
Concrete thinking, practical - Abstract thinking, imaginative

Everybody has development areas - by definition a personality characteristic which may make a person suitable for a one job can become a development need in a job with a different skill set. Every career or job change entails learning new skills.

The report's integral Development Plan helps the user to accurately appraise their own skills in a  systematic and structured manner, as well as identify practical activities which they can carry out to assist them in their development. Consequently, once the recipient's personal characteristics have been explained, their Employee Development Report then takes them through the stages of identifying potential development areas and helps them to custom build their own Development Plan. This can be done either alone or with a colleague or manager.

In a step by step series of stages the recipient is guided through the process of -

  • Understanding the Concept and Theory of Personality
  • Identifying  Strengths and Weaknesses
  • Setting  Development Objectives
  • Identifying  Personal Learning Style
  • Identifying Learning and Development Opportunities
  • Identifying the Behaviours Relevant to Work Success
  • Managing Personal Development Through Review and Feedback

What Do I Need to Do Next ?

If you would like to order an Employee Development Report, or would like to discuss your requirements with one of our psychologists, please call us.

Cost : £42.70 per report (excluding VAT)