Liam Healy & Associates

chartered occupational psychologists

 Our Core Values,  Our Ethos

Working within a legally defined rigorous professional standard we apply the science of psychology to solving people problems in the workplace. Respect for people, safe, competent and ethical evidence based practice are our core values.

Science is about gathering information first and then trying to make sense of it. Bad science starts with a conclusion (a ready made solution to sell to the client), for which supporting  evidence is then selectively sought. This results in single solutions being repeatedly applied to different clients, with little consideration of specific needs, and interventions and decisions which are  ineffective, unethical and difficult to justify and defend.

Our approach is objective - we act dispassionately, don't make assumptions nor present opinion as fact. We don't come armed solutions to sell, before understanding the problem, nor do we accept the first theory which just happen to fit the facts.

Our starting point is always to establish agreements with the customer in order to identify needs and problems. We then  carry out an analysis of what the customer has identified to precisely define the problem to be addressed, before moving on to formulating and implementing solutions. Once we implement any solution we begin a process of reflection and rigorous ongoing review and evaluation of outcomes.

Confidentiality is a fundamental value, we do not breach it.  Much of the work we do for clients is highly sensitive and subject to legal privilege. Consequently, we do not discuss previous projects or identify clients.

We offer no 'quick fixes' or standard solutions - just as every client need is different, then so are the interventions we design and deliver to address them.