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Individual Occupational Stress Assessment

Our Chartered Psychologists are qualified to carry out independent occupational stress assessments.   Occupational stress assessments can be carried out at an individual level to support a person whilst they are still at work, or as part of a planned return to work after a period of leave due to ill health.

Our assessments are independent. This means we complete the assessment report based only on the evidence which emerges from the assessment process itself. We do not set out to support or disprove any particular point of view.

An occupational stress assessment can be damaging to an individual if not carried out sensitively, and to the highest ethical standards and level of professional competence. We typically use a combination of structured questionnaire and detailed feedback interview. The assessment report typically deals with how the subject feels about their job, their symptoms of stress, how they feel and behave normally, how they interpret events around them, the sources of stress in their job and how they cope with the sources of stress they experience.

Our expertise in eliciting the demands of specific job roles means we can very often produce a more focussed report which also takes into account the unique demands of a person's job and workplace, and where possible, a more sympathetic appraisal of their current/future fitness for work. We only carry out assessments under the instruction of the employing organization, or a relevant third party organization such as an insurance company or solicitor, and with the informed consent of the person involved. We do not carry out occupational stress assessments at the request of the individual subjects themselves. Very often, the question to be answered is whether the person's job/workplace is the source of stress / ill health, and if so what could the organisation have done to prevent it.

 We are registered under the Data Protection Act, and under data protection laws, any report we produce must be made available to the subject of the assessment upon request. We can also carry out organization wide occupational stress assessments to identify those work practices which are causing employee stress on a larger scale.

Please contact us directly for more information. To ensure our independence please do not provide details or copies of any previous assessments, or GP/medical reports unless we ask for them. You can email us on or call us on (UK) 0191 4561754. When emailing us please include your full name, address, position and contact details. Please also provide us with as much information about your situation as possible.