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Due Diligence


1. Confidentiality and Legal Privilege  

We are required to treat our relationship with clients as confidential and subject to legal privilege, the privilege residing with the client. This protects all communications between us as professional advisers, and you as the client, from being disclosed without your permission. This also protects the ability of the client as a corporate body, and its staff, to access our services by allowing confidential disclosure to us as advisers without the fear that any unauthorised disclosure of those communications may prejudice the client or its staff in the future.  

2. Professional  Qualifications

Any unqualified or unregulated individual can offer services under the title of 'work', 'organisational', 'I/O', 'career' or 'business' psychologist. However, the title 'Occupational Psychologist' is protected in law and only those who have reached the qualification threshold for registration with the HPC, and hold current HPC Registration are allowed to use it and offer Occupational Psychology services to the public.

The Health Professions Council is the UK Government's Regulatory Body for Practitioner Psychologists and lays down in law the protected titles which qualified psychologists may use, as well as the professional and ethical standards to which Practitioner Psychologists must adhere in order to protect the interests of their clients.

We do not use unqualified or trainee psychologists. Our Associates are all Chartered and HPC Registered Psychologists. We will always act in the best interests of our clients and within the legal and regulatory framework laid down by the HPC and the BPS. 

 3. Professional Liability

We are insured with Towergate Professional Risks, AXA Insurance UK plc. Details of the  Master Policy Number and Limit of Indemnity are available upon request to clients.


 All charges are subject to VAT at the appropriate rate. Certain services may be exempt from VAT as per HMRC Reference: Health Professionals Notice 701/57 (January 2007).

All business is carried out under our Terms and Conditions.