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Step 1 - Set Up and Test Your Own Trial Account 

First, you need to set up and test your own trial account at You will be automatically emailed with the trial passwords and instructions you need to try the system for yourself. Please be sure to download a copy of your User's Guide when you create your account, the link to do this is on your main account page.

Once you have decided upon the characteristics which determine successful performance for the job in question, you then need to carefully examine the contents of your trial report, and the User's Guide to see if the factors measured map onto the areas you need to assess.

Step 2 - Pay for the Number of Assessments You Require

You can then make payment for the number of assessments you require. You can either do this on line at or by cheque. When we receive payment we will switch your account status to ‘live’ and add the appropriate number of Test Taker passwords to your account. Once you have placed your first order your account status will always be ‘live’.

Step 3 - Invite Test Taker to Complete the On Line Assessment

You can use or modify the ready-made email template on your account page to invite Test Takers to complete the on line assessment. Passwords etc. are automatically added to the invitation email by the system, all you need to do is enter the Test Taker name and email address.

If you wish, you can print out a copy of the email and do this with the Test Taker present. Details of who you have invited to complete the test are stored on your account page, as are your remaining passwords. You can also set up a regular email reminder of how many Test Taker passwords you have remaining.

Step 4 - Test Taker  Completes the On Line Assessment

This is done in private, either on your own premises or remotely, and takes 15-20 minutes. All the Test Taker needs is a PC and Internet connection. The test is not timed nor supervised.

Step 5 - View Completed Assessment Report

You are automatically emailed as soon as the Test Taker completes their assessment to notify you that their assessment report is available for viewing. You can then log in to your own Account Page from where you can view, save or print completed assessment reports, as well as manage other aspects of your account.

Note: Your Administrator's Password is private to you. It enables you to access and manage your account, and view completed reports. It is not to be given to candidates.